Playgroups in Istanbul

Moving to a new country can be isolating at times. Not only for you but also for your children. It is important for your child that it can socialize with other kids and develop him/herself in a fun and safe atmosphere. Although the options in Istanbul may not be as plentiful as in some other metropolis cities, there are certainly some great options out there.

For mothers living in parts of Istanbul that are not centrally located there is of course always the option of finding other international mothers living in the same area by posting a thread on our forum. There are also initiatives on Meetup as well as on Facebook.

Do you know of any more playgroup initiatives in or around Istanbul? Let other moms know by sharing them with us in the comments section under this article!

IWI Mums & Kids Meetings and Playgroups
IWI has weekly playgroups for kids of all ages. The playgroups are free of charge for IWI members and are usually hosted by one of their members at their homes, or take place outside such as at a park or along the shore for a walk along the Bosphorus.
International Smallhands Academy
Offering nursery, pre-school and kindergarten classes for children aged 2-6, Smallhands Academy has campusses in Etiler, Rumelihisar, Selamicesme and Cekmekoy.

What sets Smallhands Academy apart is them using an Immersion Programme for English, Turkish, Japanese, German, Spanish and French Language Learning with native speaking teachers.
LOLA – Lots of Lovely Art
LOLA is a children’s art center located in Emirgan, Istanbul. On their premises they have an Art Studio, Art and Design Shop as well as a Cafe for families and last but not least a free library.
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